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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club runs from 7:45-8:50am Monday-Friday. Breakfast includes toast, cereal or fruit and is served until 8:30am each day. The children can take part in a number games and activities or enjoy a quiet relaxing start to the school day. If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club please complete the form below and hand this in to the school office. Alternatively you can contact the school and ask to speak to any of the Breakfast Club staff members listed below. Breakfast Club fees can be paid via the school office or to staff during Breakfast Club hours on a daily or weekly basis.


*Please note that if fees owed exceed £20 your child will not be able to attend Breakfast Club until the balance is paid.


Opening hours: 7:45-8:50am

Price: £2 before 8:30am (includes breakfast)

           £1 after 8:30am (does not include breakfast)

           £3 for a family

Staff: Mrs Emmens, Miss Emmens, Miss Livesey and Miss Virco




Breakfast Club Registration Form

Breakfast Club Policy