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Cllr. John Browne

`I am John Browne.I became a governor at St Stephen`s more than twenty years ago at the request of two other then governors who were my N.H.S. colleagues,Gordon Youll and the late Philip Ellison.I had the honour of being elected Chair a little over a year ago.
I was elected as a labour member to then Preston Borough(now the city) council in 1983 for the Brookfield area of Ribbleton which is where I live.I have been a councillor ever since.Being now retired from work means that I do have time to come to the school whenever I am needed.
I am a roman catholic who has been involved with the scout association for a long period so I am used to dealing with children even though I have none of my own.
I promise to do my best to do my duty to the St Stephen`s community and to the people of the wider Broadgate area as I have been doing as a school governor for all this past time.`