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Topic - big build!

As part of topic work we are hoping to make some structures in D.T. Can I ask that you keep hold of any roll tubes, cereal boxes, plastic bottles, cardboard.

Many thanks.

10th May 2017

After a long few weeks of SATs preparation I think we all deserve a break! So enjoy your weekend, hopefully we will have sunshine! 

10th March 2017

This week the children have some maths to complete based on timetables and graphs. 

Homework WB - 20th February 2017

We are keeping a food diary, it will run from Tuesday 21st to Monday 27th when we will collect and analyse our data.  



2nd February 2017


This week I have asked the children to write a short speech, this is to be based upon the banana trade. Each child was a part in the production of the banana, from farmers to exporters to shop keepers. They are to argue why they deserve a cut (or what cut) of the cost of the banana. 


We are also interested in the cost of fairtrade bananas in UK supermarkets. I have asked children to research this, the easiest way is to look on


I look forward to seeing their results on Monday 6th February. smiley



Homework is set on a regular basis, maths and literacy are a focus along with topic based homework. 


Homework will take many forms from practical investigations and research to support for the learning done in class that week. 


If there are any issues in completing the homework please let me know as soon as possible.

Diaries are checked on a regular basis, please ensure you check they are completed and sign weekly. There are reading challenge sheets in their diaries with prompts for questioning and discussion with your child.