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Year 4 go swimming on Wednesdays for one hour: Group A one week and Group B the next.

Year 3 have outdoor P.E. on Wednesdays along with Group A or Group B Year 4 on alternate Wednesdays.


We have outdoor PE with Mr Haydock on Fridays


  • Black/blue shorts (girls may wear leggings for P.E. if this is culturally required)
  • White t-shirt
  • Black plimsolls
  • Trainers (outdoors only)


Year 4 pupils need swimwear to take part in the L.E.A. swimming programme each year. This consists of swimming trunks and swim cap for boys and swimming costume (one piece) and swim cap for girls.




Jewellery is not permitted in school. Watches may be worn in school. Earrings are discouraged and if worn, should be removed on days where children have a P.E. lesson.



It is important that all uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled.