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Late/Absence Procedure

Good Attendance and Punctuality is vital if children are to have the best access to education.  Lateness often results in pupils missing instructions and can leave with feelings of embarrassment when they join class after their peers.

Missing school is necessary when children are ill and staff will guide families as to the length of absence advised.  This information comes from the Health Protection agency guidelines.

Absence from school can only be authorised by school for exceptional reasons.  Holidays and trips abroad are not exceptional and should be planned for during school holiday periods.  Permissions to take a child out of school must be sought before planning the leave and unauthorised leave may incur a fine from the Local Authority through the Penalty Notice system.


School endeavours to reward good attendance and punctuality with a monthly privilege for the best attending class.  Children are also rewarded if they have 100% attendance at the end of each term and again at the end of the academic year.


Our attendance policy outlines the school's procedures and has been devised with guidance from Lancashire County Council's Attendance team.