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Year 5 is a very exciting year for maths! We use practical approaches with lots of use of resources and engaging activities to broaden our learning. 


This week we will be concentrating on place value including decimals 


This term we will be looking at fractions, measures, geometry and the four operations and using our skills and applying them to problem solving. We will be focusing on developing our reasoning skills too. 


Please remember to log on and play TTRockstars, let's see who our next Rock God will be!

Children really benefit from a secure knowledge of their times tables, testing children at home can really help!

Year 5 is a really important year there are some fun activities that can support learning whilst being enjoyable. Math Playground, Thinking blocks and Top Marks all have online games supporting many areas of the curriculum. 


Applying maths to real life offers children the chance to experience maths in different contexts, why not challenge your child. Ask them to help you shopping, bake or cook together, collect objects and sort them or read the bus timetable.