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In maths this term we are focusing on the number aspect of our curriculum. We have been trying really hard to practise recognising numbers 11-20 and count back from 20 to 0. We are also learning about to double, share and halve amounts


Recently we have been learning about addition and subtraction. Children have been exposed to different methods of adding and subtracting in class which they have had the opportunity to continue through continuous provision.



Children have been practising adding and subtracting using the following

  • practical methods finding how many altogether/left
  • number line (counting forwards or backwards using jumps)
  • using numicon


We have also been learning about money. We have had the opportunity to explore different English currency including notes. Children have been adding two amounts of coins together finding the totals and have found different ways to make an amount using the different coins. 


If you are unsure of how to use any of these methods, do not hesitate to speak your child's class teacher.