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In the second half of the Summer Term, we will be learning all about plants and getting outside as much as possible! Watch this space to see what we get up to!
We were lucky enough to go to the UCLAN Science Festival this term! We saw lots of amazing things! We learned how mind-blowing chemistry can be, became doctors for the morning, we even watched fireworks being made and saw them explode!! We also got to do lots of hands on science - eating insects and bugs, measuring how fast we can kick a ball, making our own Stone Henge using levers and so much more!

In the first half of the Summer Term , the children will explore and investigate different habitats. We will investigate and create different food chains and learn what environmental factors can change animals and their habitats. 


In the Spring Term, we are learning and investigating all about Rocks and Soils. 


We started the topic off with a fun but messy lesson! We each made a 'dirt pudding' to represent the layers of the Earth. We used: 

  • Strawberry sauce to represent the layers the Mantel
  • Cookie to represent the Earth's Crust
  • Broken biscuit and fruit to represent the Bedrock Layer
  • Angel Delight to represent the Sub-soil layer
  • Crumbled Oreos to represent the Top-soil.


We all had a great time learning but it tasted delicious too!! 

We have been looking at the different types of rocks and sorting them into groups. We explored what they looked like and used magnifying glasses to examine them. We investigated how they were made and whether they were Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic.
Picture 1 Exploring rocks on our topic table
Picture 2 Slate
Picture 3 Granite
Picture 4 Slate
Picture 5 Limestone
Picture 6 Marble
Picture 7 Sandstone
Picture 8 Chalk
Picture 9