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Simon King

Hello, my name is Simon King and I first became involved with St Stephen’s School because I was grateful that my daughter and son both received an excellent start to their education at the school.

My background is in communication. Having spent 34 years working as a graphic designer, I recently changed roles and I am now responsible for marketing at a company that manufactures steel doors. My interest in education comes from my belief that, regardless of the labels society puts on them, all children should have equal access to an education that unleashes their aspirations, boosts their confidence and creates a lifelong hunger for learning. Whether that be in the spheres of academic, vocational, emotional or spiritual development.

Currently the vice-chair of Governors, I live locally, so I may be biased in my assertion that St Stephen’s is a unique school, staffed by dedicated and gifted people and filled with wonderful children. It is my privilege to support and serve them.