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In year 5 and 6 we look to expand our knowledge of spellings. We study further prefixes and suffixes, homophones, plurals, synonyms and antonyms. We don't believe in just learning spellings for a test, we need to be able to apply the spelling rules in a context and to different variations of words. 


We use strategies to learn rules and we spend time exploring these rules to ensure we are familiar with them. When we are writing we try our best to remember our spellings and when we are unsure we use a dictionary to check our work. We help each other to spot any mistakes we may have made and we try to identify spellings we struggle with. 


Where possible we link our spelling with our grammar focus, last half term we really enjoyed learning where words came from and linking it back to our knowledge of other languages in the world. 


Here is a link to the year 5/6 spelling list.