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Autumn 1st Half Term


Over the course of this half term we have been focusing on our Geography topic of Rubbish and Recycling. The children have spent lots of time researching and creating projects about the key areas. 

  • What is meant by the word ‘environment’? What do we like/dislike about our environment (classroom, school, home, town, country, world etc)?
  • What, exactly, is meant by waste/rubbish? Where does all the rubbish go? How does it get there? What are these places like? How much waste/rubbish does your family produce?
  • What do the words reuse and recycle mean? How could more waste be reused or recycled? How could we reduce the amount of rubbish we produce in the first place?
  • What does the word environment mean? Why is it so important that we look after it? Why should we reduce the amount of rubbish produced? How could we persuade others to reduce the amount of waste they produce.


We now have a Topic library displaying out projects for everyone to read. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
We also had 2 rubbish and recycling days. One was based in school were we did lots of skill based activities to learn about the process of recycling, landfill and what we can recycle. The other day was spent at The EcoCentre in Southport where we learnt about the importance of recycling and the benefits and importance of recycling for our planet.

Our Rubbish and Recycling day in school.