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Welcome to our new website.  We are quickly adding information to this site and hope that you find all the information you require about the school.  You are more than welcome to contact or visit school should you wish to learn more of our work with the children of Broadgate.


St. Stephen's is a happy and vibrant school.  Our rich diversity of language and culture gives pupils a rich experience of modern Britain and allows pupils to form friendships with children of a different culture or faith background to their own.  It is often noted by visitors just how friendly our staff and pupils are with one another.


Our key values are written into the statement, "Aspire to Greatness".  Whilst we are a distinctively Christian school, we recognise that we share values across other faiths and wish to celebrate the values which unite us. We want all of our school community to feel that it is possible to be better than we ever thought we could be through:


Achieving Highly

Self-believing -  a sure key to success

Persevering -  the attribute which accepts failure but determines to learn from it and do better

Including everyone equally and celebrating difference - we all need to feel we belong!

Respecting oneself, others and school itself, we are taught by Jesus to "love one another"

Enjoying learning


The word "Aspire" appears around school and each week, a child from each class is selected to be robed in a specially created tabard which gleams with the words, "I aspire to greatness".  Children are selected for their clear demonstration of the school's values - values which are shared amongst the different faiths and traditions here at school.


Pupil progress  is good and outstanding in some areas.  We are rightly proud of the contribution staff and our community make to the lives of St. Stephen's pupils and wish to continue to develop our school so that we will always, "Aspire to Greatness"!


Come and visit us if you would like to find out more - you would be most welcome!


H Wright