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Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24/3/20 Activities:

Hello Year 4! I am missing you already! Hope you are all well :)


Please send me any completed work via email or class dojo.  I can't wait to see what you all get up to!


Here are your activities to complete today:



  1. Choose an activity from your maths booklet to complete
  2. Complete 'Funky Platform' in your 'to do' on Purple Mash. Complete the levels on CHALLENGE B.
  3. Practice the ‘multiplication’ game on purple mash in your ‘to do’ folder OR complete a page from your times table booklet.
  4. Use 'supermovers' on the BBC website to stay active.



  1. 15 minutes of reading a book.
  2. At least one ‘Read theory’ activity. 
  3. Complete one activity in your reading booklet.



  1. Complete a page of spellings from your spelling booklet.
  2. Or practice your spellings in your reading record.Remember to find the definition of each word, write each word into a ‘WOW’ sentence and practice each word in different ways.



  1. Go onto Pobble 365 website where there will be a new picture and activities each day. Please chose an activity to complete in your homework book or on paper.
  2. OR complete one improving sentence activity from your booklet.
  3. 'Write a Haiku' in your 'to do' on Purple Mash. Choose something that you would like to write your Haiku about eg. water, trees, the seasons, an animal ect. Remember the 5,7,5 syllables. If you can't get onto Purple Mash, please write your Haiku on a piece of paper or on a computer and take a picture and dojo it to me please.
  4. If you have an IDL account, log in and complete a lesson.


Art: Spread happiness through rainbows

Create a Rainbow to put into the window of your house.  This has been all over social media over the last few days... As people go out for a walk in their local area (whilst staying socially distant) they are looking for rainbows to cheer themselves up!  People have painted, used lego, crayons....let your imagination go wild!  I have put a picture below of one that I made yesterday in school with a group of children - I loved making mine!



Find 10 liquids in your house. eg, honey, ketchup, washing up liquid, shampoo, lemonade ect.

Put them in order from thickest to thinnest - take a picture of them in order and dojo the picture to me. 



Joe Wick's daily workout for children - This can be found on Youtube and the live session is from 9am daily.