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24th March

Hi everyone,

It was great seeing your messages and photos yesterday. Well done:)

Tuesday's activities are:

1. Guided reading- Re-read the poem from yesterday and have a go at a few more questions.

2. Spellings- Practice your spellings from yesterday. Remember to add -ies! You could write them in flowers, write them backwards, do pyramid words or write the vowels in a different colour! Be creative! Think of all the ways we do our spellings at school!

3. English- You did some great riddles yesterday. Well done! Today we need to look at using conjunctions. Have a go at the attached questions below. There is a powerpoint too ;)

4. You did super work on o' clock and half past yesterday. Today we are moving on to quarter past and quarter to. We have done a lot of work on fractions so have a go at drawing some clocks and cutting them in to quarters. Have a go at the questions below. There are some good games below too:) I have put Problem of the day on here too. It finishes in March so there are not many more problems left!

5. On Tuesday afternoon it is usually Mrs Hempton. She would like you to research the mountain K2. Find out as many facts as you can. You could do a brainstorm, a fact sheet or bullet points. Remember to add some illustrations too. You could use 'kiddle' as a safe search engine.

6. Picture News- have a look at this week's news, watch Newsround and talk to your grown up about your thoughts on this week's topic

7. Try a morning workout with Joe Wicks . Link at the bottom!


** Don't forget there are lots of online activities on Purple Mash, Phonic bug, Top Marks, Teach my monster to read and IDL

** Also there are things in your home pack if your eyes are tired from the computer!