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26th March

Hello Year 2,

Here is Thursday's home learning.

1. Practice your spellings- adding ies. Remember Y2 handwriting!

2. Guided reading- have a go at more of the poetry questions.

3. English- We have been working on noun (Naomi noun likes naming people, places, animals and things) phrases. Watch the powerpoint and have a go at the activities below. Write your noun phrases in your book.

4. Maths- We have done o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Today we are going to look at minutes past the hour. Watch the powerpoint and have a go at some of the fluency and problems in your book or on your squared paper. Also have a go at the problem of the day!

5. For the afternoon's PE lesson, you could join in with Joe Wicks on youtube (get your grown up to find it) or try and remember our 'ice, ice baby' routine that we did for Sport's relief! If you have a ball you could practice your throwing, catching, aiming and kicking skills. You could show your grown up the rolls and balances we have done in Gym (teddy bear roll, crab balance, pencil roll, egg roll, frog balance, bunny hop, dome and dish balance)

* If you get any time remember you can earn coins on phonics bug! There are lots of great games aswell as 2do tasks on Purple mash and those of you with an IDL log in should be trying to do 10 mins a day. I know some of you have got a log in from Mrs Cookson in September for Teach my monster to read too :)


Next week I have signed us up to 3 new websites which seem really good. I will send you user names and passwords next week:)