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At St Stephens we work hard to ensure that a love of language and Literacy is at the heart of all we do.



We teach children to read using our Bug Club Phonic scheme. We plan daily sessions that last between 20-30 minutes.



Children read in school daily individually or as a group. They are encouraged to read again to an adult in the evening as ‘homework’. This consistency helps children to develop their reading skills and to become confident readers from an early age. Reading is such a special time!

Our curriculum ensures that the children also enjoy daily Literacy sessions with a book as a focus. We always end our day with a class reading session. .

In small groups, the children work on focused activities and start looking at story structures, identifying the beginning, middle and end of a story and comprehension of the text. They also focus on phonic work, learning how to recognise and sound out each letter of the alphabet in upper and lower case, and learn how to build and blend.




Writing in the Early Years should always be meaningful; children should always have a purpose to write. Our curriculum ensures that children are given a range of daily opportunities to write. The children develop their gross and fine motor skills through a variety of fun activities. This helps with the coordination and strength required to grip a pencil correctly and to form letters. We teach the children how to write in a cursive style in discrete lessons.

The children are expected use and apply their knowledge of phonics to write simple words, explore patterns and identify rhyming sounds. They are encouraged to write independently for a variety of different purposes, for example: lists, letters, stories and poems. We also teach kung-fu punctuation to ensure children are able to write a sentence using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops or question marks. 

Early Years Foundation Stage (Including Early Literacy Skills)