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Eid under lockdown

Foundation Inventors and Explorers celebrating Eid at home


Foundation Inventors and Explorers have enjoyed learning all about Ramadhan and Eid as part of their home learning activities this week. They’ve enjoyed these videos on Cbeebies -

Look at these unique mehndi designs and beautiful Eid cards! 

Year 1/2 celebrating Eid at home


Year 1/2 have been very creative with Eid activities this week. Here are some photographs of some activities they have been making in preparation for Eid.

Year 1 celebrating Eid at home

Year Two celebrating Eid at home

Year 3/4 celebrate Eid at home

Eid Mubarak from Year 5/6!

To all those away from their loved ones at this special time in the Muslim faith, Eid Mubarak from everyone in our class. I hope you find a way to enjoy this special time!

Year 6 celebrating Eid at home

In Y6, we are going to link our Eid activity to a theme based on the Angel Jibril (Gabriel). The holy Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the month of Ramadhan. Jibril a.s was the chosen angel to present the divine revelations to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Angel Gabriel was also the light & spirit, who came to Jesus with the words of God.   The angels are always amidst us, they provide us with Allah’s protection and love.

So, I would like you to use this idea, to help to transfer some of your wishes onto the wings of angels. They could be your aspirations for the future, you hopes or your prayers, for a brighter future. Your messages could even be to one another or to any of the teachers in school.

Let your dreams be your wings’