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Autumn 1


This half term in English, Year 3 began by writing Diary Entries. The children have really enjoyed writing Diary Entries and know and use the features really well! They brought their learning together by writing a diary entry from the perspective of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web (our current class novel). 


We are currently working towards writing Fabulous Folk Tales. So far, we have loved reading lots of different Folk Tales and working out their morals. Folk Tales have been passed down over generations so we have also looked at how they have changed over time. As well as this, we have read Folk Tales from around the world, and also looked at stories with morals from our Buddhism topic in RE. 


We are innovating the famous Folk Tale, 'The Boy who cried Wolf'. Be sure to come and have a read of our Fabulous Folk Tales.


Over this half term, we have been working extremely hard to read through our work and improve it by adding more interesting adverbs and ambitious adjectives. We have also had a go at using inverted commas and some of us are really good at this now!