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ENJOY - Generosity & Thankfulness

This half term we are looking at the last letter of ASPIRE, ‘E’, which represents ENJOY alongside our Christian values of Wisdom and Thankfulness.


“Those who hope in the lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.” – Isaiah – 40 : 31


GENEROSITY (16.09.2019)

In our whole school worship, we learnt the story of the Good Samaritan. We talked about how we could be a good friend like the good Samaritan in the story and how we should be thankful for our friends.

The Inventors said that to be a good friend they should….

  • Play together,
  • Look after each other,
  • Cuddle,
  • Share toys,
  • Give tissues,
  • Use our manners,
  • And to be kind.


GENEROSITY (25.09.2019)

In our whole school worship, we were asked to think of a charity we could support this year and think of fundraising ideas.

We talked about what charities do and discussed different charities and the roles they have.

“They help people who are poorly”

“Get money from selling cakes”

“Help people who can’t see”


We chose to support the guide dogs. We were amazed with how they are trained to help visually impaired people to live their lives.

THANKFULNESS (03.10.2019)

This week we talked about saying ‘thank you’ to people and why it is important.

The Inventors knew that it was very important to say thank you when someone has been kind and could explain times when they have said thank you to someone.

“I say thank you when my friends help me at school.”

“I say thank you to friends that share.”

Have a look in our class reflection book for our ‘Thank you garden of flowers’ J