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Friday 10th July

Hi Everyone

It is nearly the weekend again !

First Session- Spelling and Grammar

Please go over the spellings learnt this week and test yourself on them and put the score in your exercise book.

In grammar today we are going to do a spag mat.

Second Session

Day 5

Re - watch the Pandora video from yesterday's session. As you are watching, imagine you are an astronaut about to embark on a journey to Pandora. Make a note of the parts you would love to explore and also the places/ things which you would be nervous to encounter.

Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate )

After watching , now imagin you have just spent your first day in Pandora. Write a diary/ blog about your experiences - using the notes you gathered to help you.

Before writing your diary / blog entry, plan out each section/ paragraph - you may wish to use this format to support you :


Section                  Thoughts and feelings


Journey to



Landing on

Pandora / first



First place

visited ( taken from 

your notes)


Second place visited/

meeting creature from

Pandora ( taken 

from your 

notes )



paragraph -

Where are you 

now ? How do

you feel about

tomorrow ?


Keep reading through your diary/ blog as you write to check it makes sense. Remember to check for spelling and punctuation too !


Third Session

Fluency - summer starter






Today we are doing year 5 revision. Do what you can of the booklet.

Fourth Session

Make a space flextangle - follow the instructions


Fifth Session

Go over anything you have not understood or complete anything you have not had time to do. If you still have time do some more work, do thirty minutes of read theory and thirty minutes of purple mash.


Hope you have a good weekend.


Take care


Mrs Cheetham