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Friday 10th July

It's Friday!!!  You made it through another week!



Get someone to test you on the spellings we have worked on this week.



Using your design from yesterday, today you are going to write a short story based on your design. Think of your short story in three main parts.


  • Beginning – Character makes flying machine. He/she tests it but it doesn’t quite work. Maybe it crashes!
  • Middle – Character finds some inspiration and makes alterations to the flying machine.
  • End – Flying machine works or doesn’t work! Write some ideas/notes for each part.


Now write your short story. Remember to include some Year 3 and 4 sentence types/skills that you have learnt,

e.g. −use different conjunctions in your writing (e.g. when, although, since, before, after, until)

−use adverbs in your writing (e.g. carefully, happily, soon, silently, next)

−use inverted commas (speech marks) to show a character is speaking

−use prepositions (e.g. above, below, beneath, beyond, within, outside)

  • Decide if you are writing in first person (I) or third person (he/she).
  • Make sure you keep it the same throughout the story.
  • Keep re-reading your story as you write to check it makes sense and you are happy with it.
  • Check for spelling and punctuation too!



Try the Challenges below...

Year 3 - Challenge 1-4

Year 4 - Challenge 1-5

Feel free to try any of the trickier ones!!



Draw with Rob  - Teddy 



Read the Picture News documents below. 

Think about a time when you were asked to represent somebody or something. If you haven’t represented anyone or anything before, think about what or who you would like to represent.

 What was it? • What did you have to do? • What did you wear? • How did it make you feel?

Write a paragraph to describe your experience of representing somebody or something.

 Remember to include interesting vocabulary and vary your sentence structure and punctuation. Don’t forget a picture or drawing!