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Friday 12th June

Hello everyone!



There are the normal 2dos on purple mash, please remember to go on TT rockstars and complete a lesson on IDL if you have a log in for that. 



Get someone at home to test you on some words that that have suffixes e.g beautiful, happily, smiling, colourful, spinning, etc.  



Watch and enjoy the clip about Trees

Read the information about trees together. 

Discuss what else you have found out together. Now create a fact file/poster about the importance of trees, e.g. Trees are useful because… They give us … Trees also provide … We need to plant more trees so …   Take your time and make your work the highest quality!

Using the information found out, make a quiz for your family!  There is an example below

Consider the following: Are you going to provide choices for your answers? (multiple choice) Are you going to use true/false questions?

Hold the quiz with family members in your household or via an online video platform. It could be a weekend quiz!



It's Maths Challenge day!  Remember challenges 1-4 are suitable for Year 3 and Challenges 1-5 are suitable for year 4.  Feel free to try the others as a family!  They do get tricky!!!



This week we are looking at a band who came from Merseyside and were faous at around the same time as the Beatles and Cilla Black who we have looked at in previous week. When you listen, how does it sound simlar to their music?

Gerry and the Pacemakers recorded the song called You'll never walk alone which was originally written for the musical Carousel.  It is now used as an anthem for Liverpool FC  and more recently Captain Tom Moore recorded it during the COVID -19 lockdown.  Why do you think he chose this song?