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Friday 15th May

Friday Fri-yay!

The end of another week!!


Purple Mash to dos have been set. 


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and talk about it to a friend.


Spelling - Get someone to test you on the 10 words you have been focussing on this week. 



Continue to read and enjoy this story together. This could be from the beginning or from where you read up to the previous day, e.g. from p9 onwards or from 8 mins 11 seconds on the video ( see yesterday for links)

Discuss what has happened in the story and the tricks the crocodile carried out.  Write about each trick:

Trick One  

Trick Two  

Trick Three  


Add lots of detail and make your paragraphs ones that year 3s and 4s would be proud of!




Friday is Challenge day on the white rose hub!  

I have attached the challenges below.  They get gradually harder.  Challenges 1-4 are suitable for year 3 and challenge 5 is aimed at year 4.  If you wan to have a go at some of the trickier ones, try them as a family as they go right up to high school.... this is the sort of thing I love doing!!  I know- I am strange!!


PE - Joe Wicks or Lancashire PE 


French -

We are going to thing about the months of the year today.  I have attached a song that introduces them and the worksheet helps you know how to say them.  Play the game on the worksheet to help practise your pronunciation.  



Our artist from the North West this week is another one of Mrs Devitt's favourites...Oasis! Parents... PLEASE SUPERVISE CHILDREN WHILST LISTENING TO THIS SONG TO ENSURE FURTHER LINKS ARE NOT CLICKED

Manchester had a very vibrant music scene in the about 25 years ago and Oasis were leading the way.  This is a lovely song all about moving on with no regrets, making the best out of your situation and not looking back.  It was an anthem for the city follwoing the attacks on Manchester arena which happened 2 years ago next week. 

Do you like the song?  What instruments can you hear?  Can you find the pulse?  How is the song structured?  Is there a chorus?  What about a hook? 


Family Challenge  My family love to play the cereal box game at parties.  Why don't you all have a go.

Rules Empty a cereal box and trim off the flaps. Stand it in the middle of the room. Starting with the youngest player, take turns to bend over and pick up the box with your teeth. You must not touch the floor with anything other than your feet. When everyone has had a turn, use the scissors to cut the top couple of inches off. Stand the box back in the middle and everyone who was successful last round has another go. Repeat until you reach the last centimetre or two of the box. Anyone still getting down and up with it clenched in their teeth is a winner..