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Friday 17th July

Hi Everyone

Well done

We have made it !

Only half a day today and we have got our summer holiday. Thank you children for your lovely work over the weeks and thank you parents for your support. I hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable holiday and comes back ready for year 6 next term. Please can you make sure you bring back your brass instruments the first week of term.


For the last time this academic year. Here is your work for today !

First Session- Spelling and Grammar

Use the spelling list below and see how many spellings you can get right. Write a list of the ones you have still got wrong and try and learn some of them in the holidays. For Grammar, revisit some of the grammar you have done over the previous weeks.







Second Session

Re- watch all three short s you have looked at this week.

Based on these three shorts, order them 1-3 from your favourite to least favourite ( 1 being the best )

Now choose one of the following two outcomes :

Countdown TV/radio chart shows -

Imagine you are presenting a section of a film review show - either on TV or radio. Write a script with a Top 3 countdown of the Pixar shorts you have watched. For each short, give a brief synopsis ( try not to reveal too much! ), an explanation of why it appears in that position on your countdown and who you recommend might enjoy it and why.


Film review - magazine article - Write an article suitable for a magazine, which gives a review of each of the Pixar shorts you have watched.

For each film , write a brief synopsis, who you reccommend the film for, a rating for the film and your reasons why.

Keep re-reading your work to check for spelling and punctuation.


Third Session

Fluency- Number of the week


Now make a game on one of the areas in maths you have studied in lockdown. Then play it with someone in your house and let me know how it went.


Have a great holiday and a good rest. I will look forward to seeing you all in September.

Missed you all 

Mrs Cheetham xx