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Friday 19th June

Hi Everyone

It is  the end of the week again !

Here is your work for Friday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Go back over the ably words you have learnt this week. Test yourself on the twenty words from this week and put the score in your exercise book.

Today we are testing ourselves on our grammar. Click below and complete the grammar mats.

Second Session

Based on all you have read and watched this week, write a short story about a child being evacuated in World War Two.

You may wish to use the following plot structure for your story:

1. The Announcement of War

Open your story with your character hearing the news that Britain is at war. Where are they and who are they with ? How do they feel ?

How do others in the family feel ?

2. Evacuation

Your next section could be your character hearing the news that they are to be evacuated, packing their belongings and waving goodbye to their family.

3. Arriving in the countryside

Your next section may be describing your character's arrival in the countryside, being collected by the billeting officer and taken to their new home. Think about describing the setting of the countryside compared to their life in the city and describing your character's emotions throughout this scene.

4. Settling into a new home

You may wish to end your short story describing what your character's new home is like. How are they settling in ? Do they like the household they have been taken to ?

Don't forget to check your punctuation and spelling as you go. Reading to a family member may help with this.

Once you have written your story, you may want to read it aloud to a family member or even record the reading to send to me !

Third Session
Fluency - An Odd Game

Play the game and use the year 5 board.

An Odd Game

Today we are learning about multiplying mixed numbers by an integer.

Watch the video clip and do the activity.

Multiplying mixed numbers by an integer

Fourth Session - Watch the complete film of Goodnight Mister Tom

Fifth Session

If there is still time go over any work you have not completed or any work that you need to have another look at and then do some read theory.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the film.

Take care

Mrs Cheetham