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Friday 19th June

Friday!!!  Well done for everything you have achieved this week. 



Get someone to test you on the words the you have been learning this week. 



We have had some beautiful weather whist in lockdown and today is all about staying safe in the sun.

  • Read and discuss the link below about keeping safe, happy and healthy in the sun.  Be Smart in the Sun (If the page is split in half, click for the KIDS section on the left of the page). 
  • Also, view the clip and read the information called Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun
  • Now discuss the guidance about keeping safe in the sun with an adult.  
  • Create a true and false quiz for your friends and family using the information you have read.  For example: 
  • 1. You should apply sun cream every 4 hours – true or false? 2. You should apply sun cream 20 minutes before going out into the sun – true or false?
  • Try to create ten questions for your quiz and then enjoy testing your family members to see if they know the answers!  



Challenge day.

Year 3 - Challenges 1-4

Year 4 - Challenges 1-5

Try the rest with you family...they get quite tricky!



Do you get pocket money?  Do you have to earn it?  Look at the resources below and talk about them with members of your family.  Does the information on here change your mind?



Draw with Rob - Today I want to see your versions of Winnie