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Friday 1st May

Hi Everyone

Here is the work for Friday.

Well done you have made it to the end of the week !


First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please go over the twenty words off the year 5/6 spelling list you have had this week and get someone to test you on them. Keep your score in your exercise book and relearn any you have got wrong.

Today we are learning about alliteration in grammar. Click below. Watch the video and do activity 1 and 2. If you want to challenge yourself further, you can do activity three and the extension.


Second Session - Literacy

Create a fact file page about the deadly creature you designed yesterday.

Think about ensuring you have answered key questions for your reader such as;

Where does it live ?

What makes it deadly ?

What does it eat ?

Where and how does it hunt ?


You may wish to use these examples ( on pages 5 and 6 ) to help you with your layout from ' Lesser Spotted Animals ' by Martin Brown.

Lesser Spotted Animals

If the text is too small, you can also read it on lovereading4kids.

If Possible , you could also film a ' Deadly 60 '

video about your new creature - imagine you are Steve Backshall on the hunt for your deadly creature. Explain to the audience what you are hunting - giving them key facts whist you are on the search.

Third Session - Maths

Fluency - Go on TT rockstars for 15 minutes

1.Then go on to google - White Rose Maths Free Maths teaching resources.

2. Click on home learning

3. Scroll down and click on year 5

4. Click on week 1

5. Do lesson 5 - Thousandths and decimals 

6. Play the video and do the sheet.

7. You can either put your answers in your book or print off the sheet and write your answers on it.

8. Then check the answers


Maths Challenge answers ( from Monday Maths Challenge )

1.Star 10 , Heart 17, triangle 0

2. A pencil cost 8p

3. Amir's number is 538  Donna's number is 853

4. Perimeter = 64 cm

5. Length is 480 cm

6. The height of the last tower is 23.9 cm


Fourth Session -  Computing ( spreadsheets )

Objective : To use a formulae within a spreadsheet to convert measurements of length and distance.

Go on purple Mash and Do the 2do : Conversion Example spreadsheets.

Click on the video Icon in the right hand corner and learn how to use the spreadsheet and do the activities. Click on the scheme of work for lesson 1 at the bottom of this page . This might help you to do the tasks. Just do what you can ! Don't worry about it if you struggle. 


Fifth Session

Go back and complete any tasks you have not managed to do this week or go over again something that you found difficult.


Have a good weekend

Take care !


Mrs Cheetham





Spreadsheet scheme of work