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Friday 1st May

Friday's tasks

English- Review and discuss the poems and characters you have read about this week. Which was your favourite and why? Read some more revolting rhymes by clicking the link below. Choose a favourite poem or section from a poem and perform it with actions to your family! Remember to use character voices and pause in the right places!


Maths - White Rose Hub home learning lesson 5- Challenge!


Spelling/Phonics- Ask a grown up to test you on your -el words. Let me know how you get on!


RE- Read 'The night journey' by clicking the link below. If you have a version of this at home maybe you could read it and send it on video. Why did God want the people to pray more often? Why do you think Musa/Moses thought the people might not have been able to pray 50 times a day? Look at the images of Muslims praying. How does this show obedience to God?


Music- Instrument of the week- Keyboard. What do you know about it?

Listen to Abba's Mama Mia. Do you like it or not? Why? (I don't!) What instruments can you hear? Do you know any other songs by Abba or songs that sound like this?