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Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 4!

You have made it to the end of the home schooling week - well done! I am very proud of hard you are working at home and trying to complete as many of the activities that I am setting as possible each day. Well done and keep it up! :)

As always, I've set some to dos on Purple Mash based on your times tables. Please try to complete these as learning your times tables is very important. These repeat every week but you can do them as many times as you want. I've set our usual 25 questions times tables and some specific ones on your x6, x7 and x8 as these are the ones that we don't know as well as others. 

Maths =

1.Complete the times table to dos on Purple Mash.

2.'White Rose Hub Home Learning' 

Using the link below, watch the video and complete the activity for: LESSON 5 WEEK 1 ' 'DIVIDING 1 DIGIT BY 10'  (remember, when you divide by 10, your digits move one place backwards) not the week beginning 27th April as we didn't use this resource before Easter so we need to start at the beginning.

Literacy =

What is your favourite chocolate bar? (mine is a twirl!) If you could create your dream chocolate bar what would it be like? What would be in it? What would it be called?

1. In your homework book or on a sheet, design your own chocolate bar and wrapper.

Think about:

What flavour will it be? Will it be hard or soft? Will it have anything in it? (Raisins, popping candy, nougat, apricots, biscuit, etc.)

What colours will you use in the wrapper? What is the name of your bar?

Draw and label your bar and wrapper.

2. When chocolate bars are advertised, they often have a slogan. A slogan is a short and striking or memorable phrase. Watch these adverts, listen out for the slogans.

Mars Bar: om/watch?v=AE9zAum mq7Q

KitKat: om/watch?v=QeduBcf_ hPM

Dairy Milk: om/watch?v=XcLzF1bM ng8

3.Create a slogan for your bar. Watch this for some inspiration. om/watch?v=uSkXomp wX0g

Is your slogan catchy? Is your slogan memorable?
Have you used any alliteration? (starting the words with the same letter eg. Delicious Dreambar.)


Please send me a picture of your designed chocolate bar, wrapper and slogan on class dojo. I can't wait to see them!! :)

Reading =

1. Enjoy reading this weeks edition of 'First News' (using the PDF below) that we have in class. There are some positive and fun articles in there to have a read of and some puzzles to keep you busy!

2. Listen to me reading a chapter of our class novel each day.

2. Complete an activity on read theory each day or a comprehension from your reading pack.



Today, we are going to be continuing our 'Vikings' History topic. 

As we already know, the Anglo-Saxons split Britain into 7 Kingdoms and the Vikings managed to defeat every Kingdom but 1.

Read through the PowerPoint below to find out which kingdom they didn't manage to defeat and who ruled it.

Activity - Create a poster all about King Arthur the Great. I have attached a template that you might like to use for your poster below. Add the information that you have learnt about him to you poster, organise your poster into sub-headings and add pictures to make you poster eye-catching. 


Spelling =

Every Friday, on your 'todo' folder on Purple Mash, I have set a quiz of a random mixture of the Year 3/4 spelling words that you need to know.

1. Please complete the quiz.

2. Write down the correct spelling of any that you get incorrect and learn them using the methods that you can remember from the booklet that we do in school. eg. rainbow colours, pyramids, word search, write them in pictures, draw shapes around them ect.

PE =

Choose some activities from this week's timetable for the Lancashire youth Games using the link below. Try something different from yesterday or complete a Job Wicks as I know quite a few of you enjoy them!