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Friday 22nd May

Hi all, 

You have made it to the end of the ‘school’ week! Well done!

Today is the last day before our 'half term'. For those who like to keep in a routine and would like activities to keep busy, there are:

- 2dos on Purple Mash.

- TTRockstars

- Kids Classroom Secrets

- Read Theory

- Daily Reading 

- Home Learning Packs

- Any of the activities that I set that you didn't complete.


Have a lovely half term and please dojo me if you need anything. 

Here are today’s activities - 

Maths =

1.Practice your times tables on Purple Mash or TTRockstars.


2.Use this link for 'White Rose Hub Home Learning' -

We are now on SUMMER TERM WEEK 2 (w/c 27th April).

Friday's on white rose hub, are 'Challenge Friday's'. 

Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April) - LESSON 5 'MATHS CHALLENGE'.

The most suitable challenges for us in year 4 are; 1,2,3,4, and 5. Have a go and see how you get on! Perhaps you could challenge a family member - first to get the answer wins a point!

As always, the answers are there for you to use to mark your answers :)

Literacy = 
1. Write a report on your fantastic beast. Write in the style of the National Geographic for Kids fact files from Wednesday, e.g. Ten Facts About Great White Sharks: https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/discover/animals /sea-life/great-white- sharks/
2. Write ten facts that include:
-your creature’s name -where you might find it -size
-natural habitat
-any special features it has, e.g. sharp teeth to catch its prey.
Try and include some of the vocabulary that you explored on Wednesday and think about your Year 4 sentence types (fronted adverbials for where, when, how and subordinate conjunctions). 
 Remember to read back through your work and check your spelling and punctuation.


Spelling =

Every Friday, on your 'to do' folder on Purple Mash, I have set a quiz of a random mixture of the Year 3/4 spelling words that you need to know.

1. Please complete the quiz.

2. Write down the correct spelling of any that you get incorrect and learn them using the methods that you can remember from the booklet that we do in school. eg. rainbow colours, pyramids, word search, write them in pictures, draw shapes around them ect.

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading at least 20 minutes daily - there are lots of free books to read online via EPIC (a free app) or the library service.

2. Listen to me reading chapter 26 of Varjak Paw here:

3. Complete an activity on read theory, classroom secrets or from your reading booklet.

RE = 

With Eid approaching for some of our Muslim friends, below are some ideas for activities to complete at home. Please choose 1 or 2 activities to complete. If you are celebrating Eid at home, please share your preparations and celebrations with me on class dojo!


1. Design and make Eid cards to post to your friends.

2. Make a future family plans jar with all the things to look forward to after lock down. Add these plans to a decorated jam jar - messages of hope.

3. Cut paper into strips (this can be coloured paper if you have some or decorated plain paper to make paper chains to decorate a room in your home. This is to get in the mood to celebrate and give thanks.

4. Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, with a fabulous feast. Plan and make some Eid treats to share in a feast with your family. There are some ideas of what to make on this link -

First News =

Read and explore this weeks edition of 'First News'. There are some great games and challenges to do at home on there to keep you busy at home too! :)