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Friday 24th April

Hello everyone..It's Friday!!!

We have smashed through our first week back at "school" How have you found it?  Hopefully you guys are being good for everyone at home and having fun with other family members. 


Purple Mash to dos have been set. 


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and talk about it to a friend.

Spelling - Get someone to test you on the 10 words you have been focussing on this week. 

English - Select from the following ideas to produce a writing outcome:   

  • Discuss if you would like to be Mr Twit or Mrs Twit and why? Write this with reasons.   
  • Which chapter did you like best? Write a recommendation or book review of your favourite chapter.
  • Write a diary as if you were Mr or Mrs Twit based on one of the chapters.  
  • Use ideas from the website below to plan and make a film of one of the chapters

Maths - White Rose Hub 

Year 3 - Week 2 day 2 - Fractions of a set of objects

Year 4 - Dividing a single digit by 10

PE - Joe Wicks or Lancashire PE 

French - We are going to be learning the days of the week and months of the year this term. Use the powerpoint below to help you know how to say the days of the week.  Practise them with your family.  Complete the sheet to help you know how to read and write them. 

Music This half term we are going to be thinking about music from the North West... I am very excited about this as there are some fabulous bands from our region!  First up...The Beatles... Find out some information about the fab four....who were they, when did they release their songs, do you know any of their music?  Listen to yellow submarine, try to sing along. Do you like the song?  What is the hook (the catchy bit)  What instruments can you hear?

Art - Use the lyrics from yellow submarine to draw a picture to match the song.