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Friday 24th April

It's Friday! 

Well done, you have worked hard this week. Enjoy a weekend of rest and fun!

Today's tasks

1. Spelling/Phonics- Finish the powerpoint from Monday and get someone in your house to test you on your spellings. How many did you get right? Let me know.

2. English- Re-read all your character descriptions from this week. What are the similarities and differences. talk about it with a grown up. Who is your favourite character? Who would you most like to meet? What would you ask them? Write this in your book. **EXTRA Creative challenge (only do if you want) Make some top trump style cards with the different characters from Julia's books.

3. Maths- Lesson 5 of White Rose Hubs home learning- Friday's Maths Challenge

4. RE- Today we start our new Islam topic. Think about your own and your families' routine, the things we do every day/ every week. Think about our school day and routines such as worship, PE, play time etc. Think about rules we have in school, home rules and rules at the moment due to lock down. Why are rules important? What happens if we break the rules? Watch the clip about the Shahada. Write about how obeying rules helps Muslims remember to make time for God. Yesterday was the start of Ramadan. Why does following this rule/ritual help Muslims feel closer to God? Write down your ideas in your book.