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Friday 24th Aprill

Hi Everyone

Here is your work for today.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please go over the twenty words off the year 5/6 spelling list you have had this week and get someone to test you on them. Keep your score in your exercise book and relearn any you have got wrong.

Then do the verb prefixes exercise on purple mash. Do the 2do George misbehaves.


Second Session - Literacy

Extended write :

Using all you have read / watched throughout the week, create a fight scene / chapter between a hero ( this may be you ! ) and the Greek creature you created yesterday.

Try to include some 'ing opener' sentences and interesting words/ phrases which you have collected throughout the week.

Once you have written this, you may want to read it aloud to a family member or even record the reading and send it to me !


Third session - Maths

Go on to purple mash and do the 2do recall 9 timestables.

Fractions - Go to google and search Lesson 5 NCETM - Practise seeing both vertical and horizontal relationships in the context of equivalent fractions. Watch the video and do the related task.


Fourth Session - Science

Go on purple Mash and plan a healthy meal. Try and make one of the dishes over the weekend. Send me a picture of your cooking !


Fifth Session - General

Have a look at the work you have done this week. Is there anything you have missed out or found hard ? Go back and finish any uncompleted work or have another go at something you found difficult.


Well done for completing the week and thank you for all your lovely work. Have a lovely weekend and look out for me on dojo reading a Greek Myth or Legend !

Take care !

Mrs Cheetham