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Friday 26th June

Hi Everyone

It is the end of the week again !

Here is your work for Friday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please go back over the ably words you have learnt this week. Test yourself on the twenty words from this week and put the score in your exercise book.

Today we are again testing our year five grammar knowledge. Click below. Do the first page and then if you want to extend yourself further do pages two and three too and then check your answers.

Second Session

Use all you have read and watched over the past two weeks about World War Two to create either of these two writing outcomes:


Mini - documentary:

Imagine you have been asked to create a mini- documentary about World War Two to feature on the BBC. Select the topics that you have found most interesting and write an imaginative and informative script. You may wish to design posters, pictures or diagrams to be included in your documentary and send it to me.


Non Chronological report :

Create a non- chronological report about World War Two. Select the topics and information you have found most interesting and write a section for each.

Don't forget to include these features in your non- chronological report: 

- an interesting title

- an opening paragraph to explain to the reader what your report is about.

- information boxes in any order/ orientation you wish

- subtitles for each information section ' Did you know?'

'Interesting Fact' sections.


Remember to keep proof - reading your work to check for spelling and punctuation.

Third Session

Fluency - Complete the maths activity mat


Today we are learning about rounding decimals. Click below. Watch the video and do the worksheet.

Fourth Session

Read the openings to these novels that are set in World War Two and decide which is your favourite - you could even write a review and rate each opening!

Fifth Session

Complete any of the work that you have not done this week and revisit anything you found difficult and have another go. If you have still got time do thirty minutes of Read Theory and thirty minutes on Purple Mash.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Mrs Cheetham