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Friday 3rd July

Good morning all, 

You have made it to the end of the ‘school’ week! Well done! Have a lovely weekend :)


The PDF documents for today's activities are at the bottom of this webpage. 

Here are today’s activities - 


Maths =

1.Practice your times tables on Purple Mash or TTRockstars.


2.Use this link for 'White Rose Hub Home Learning' -

We are now on SUMMER TERM WEEK 6 (w/c 1st June May).

Friday's on white rose hub, are 'Challenge Friday's'. 

Summer Term Week 7 (w/c 8th June) - LESSON 5 'MATHS CHALLENGE'.

This week, BBC Bitesize have partnered with Premier League Primary Stars to bring you some football themed activities, videos and quizzes! Use the link below for the activities. 


Literacy =

Focus theme: Water! (Part 2)

Two weeks of all things water! Marvel at magnificent waterfalls, take a stroll around some fabulous lakes, learn about the water cycle and enjoy some fabulous poetry.

When following links, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


Today you are going to write your leaflet from the plan/notes you made yesterday. You could write it with a pen/pencil and paper or it could be in digital format. Think about writing a section at a time. Start with your opening paragraph which should introduce your leaflet explaining what the leaflet is about.Think carefully about the vocabulary that you use. Try to include new words that you have explored in this unit.

Use some Year 4 writing skills that you have learnt at school, e.g.

− where/when fronted adverbials (e.g. After tributaries have joined, the river becomes much larger.)

−a comma after a fronted adverbial

−complex sentences with adverb starters (e.g. Gracefully cascading over the rocks, the water drops from a height into the pool below.)


When you have finished your leaflet, read it back through out loud. Check for spelling, punctuation and any Year 4 skills.


Spelling =

Every Friday, on your 'to do' folder on Purple Mash, I have set a quiz of a random mixture of the Year 3/4 spelling words that you need to know.

1. Please complete the quiz.

2. Write down the correct spelling of any that you get incorrect and learn them using the methods that you can remember from the booklet that we do in school. eg. rainbow colours, pyramids, word search, write them in pictures, draw shapes around them ect.


Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading at least 20 minutes daily - there are lots of free books to read online via EPIC (a free app) or the library service.

2. Complete an activity on read theory, classroom secrets or from your reading booklet.


Art = 

Draw with Rob - This week we are going to the Football Panda to link with our Maths