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Friday 5th June

Hello everyone!

Friday again!!


There are the normal 2dos on purple mash, please remember to go on TT rockstars and complete a lesson on IDL if you have a log in for that. 


Spelling. Practise your words using the pyramid words like we do in class. 


English - Yesterday you thought of lots of sounds that you could hea around the house and what made them.  Today I want you to have a go at arranging them into a poem in the style of the sound collector, trying to make it rhyme if you can.  For example:

The chattering of the children

The banging of the door

The talking of the teachers

 The footsteps on the floor.


Maths - Complete the number of the week activity, Race to the Finish and Mystery Money


Music- This week we are looking at the band simply red.  They have had many famous songs over the last 40 years and come from Manchester.  Their lead singer is Mick Hucknall.  Have a listen to the song "Fairground" on the link below. Do you like the song?  How is it structured?