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Extra tasks, websites and apps


Purple Mash- 2 do activities-

Log in with your child’s details and click on 2do at the top of the home screen and when complete save and press the hand in button.

I will try and keep up to date with marking these. The Maths and English games should be played daily. Please support your child to segment the words they are writing and encourage them to use their phonics to write in sentences.


Phonics - Log on to Phonic bug daily and complete the tasks to earn coins and rewards! Reading daily is so important throughout this time. have also made all of their resources free!

Simply use the Username: march20 and the password: home. The children are familiar with the games and know phase 2 & Phase 3 sounds.


Read! Fiction, non fiction and poetry- write a book review, describe the characters and settings, write a new story inspired by your book, change the ending, create illustrations.


You can access a range of free texts here -


RE –  Draw a story map of the Easter story. You can watch brilliant videos to remind the children of the story on YouTube -


Topic- We have recently started our topic of Animals. We have also looked at the Arctic regions and the animals that live there and how they survive. This week we have been looking at the Jungle habitat and which animals live there. Can you support your children to find out any more information about these animals? Is the jungle a hot or cold place?


Art- Draw/paint a picture of an animal. We recently looked at artwork by Henry Rousseau, ask your child to draw an animal in the jungle and cut out leaves to make him look hidden.



PE- Use BBC Supermovers and Go Noodle to stay active and mindful! J


Computing-  Go on a technology treasure hunt at home! Talk to your child about how we make these things work and how to use them safely.


Look at different types of technology when you’re out and about. They could explore using a camera to take photos on days out too.


Science- We have learnt how to look after our pets, if your family have a pet why not let your child do dome of the jobs to help look after them such as feeding the cat or cleaning out a hamster cage.


Compare weather in Winter/Spring. Go on a Spring walk.

What are the signs of Spring? Draw pictures of the things you can see.


PSHE- We have been learning about staying safe, discussing things that are safe to put in and on our bodies.