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General information

Firstly, thank you so much for your patience. Please find the below details about your child’s work whilst your child is at home.

Please note – your child has had all of this explained to them several times this week – so they should be able to answer all these questions for you.


*Please remember two things before you read this list:

1. Do what you can. That is all I can ask of anyone.

2. If you need any help, message me on dojo and I will try my best to help.


What work does my child need to complete each day?

  • Your child will be given work to do each day. These will be put onto the class dojo and also onto our class webpage. They have been given home learning pack which contain some of the work that they will need to complete. I will tell them via dojo and the class webpage which activities to do each day from each booklet.
  • No extra homework will be set outside of this work.


Where will I find this work?

  • The work will be loaded everyday onto our Year 6 class page of our school website. The link to this page is here:
  • Each day, there will be a date, and under the date will be the list of activities to be done that day, where they need to be done and how they need to be handed in to myself by either email or taking a photo of it and sending it on class dojo.


What resources will my child have to complete this homework?

  • Your child will have access to the following resources:
  • CGP Revision Books: The children have 10 minute buster activities to complete for Grammar, Maths and Reading. They can do one activity a day. They also have their big Maths CGP book. They can complete a page a day also.
  • Kids Classroom secrets: This is an online resource that the children has access to and has many maths and literacy activities on there. They all have their own logins.
  • Read Theory: This is where they complete online reading comprehensions. The link to this website is here: The children have their logins written down in their reading diaries. Please send me a dojo if your child has forgotten their login and I will resend it.
  • Purple Mash: This is where the main hub of their work will be completed. It is a massive online learning resource that has thousands of activities and games for almost any subject you can imagine. The link to this website is here: The children have their logins written down in their reading diaries. Please send me a dojo if your child has forgotten their login and I will resend it.
  • Manual books: Your children have been sent home exercise books and equipment to allow them to write down some of their work. They know how to set out work e.g. L.O. and date.
  • Work packs: For times when the internet is not available, there are extra activities to do in the home learning pack that have been sent home. Including some fun, practical and creative ideas too!
  • Reading books: Each child has brought home a school reading book to read at home.
  • Teaching resources: Any specific resources that your child will need to complete a specific task e.g. a particular worksheet they need or a particular website etc., will be loaded onto the ‘Class Story’ section of Class Dojo on the day it is needed.


Where will my child complete their work?

  • The children will be completing their work and handing it into myself in a number of ways. Please see below for more details:
  • Kids Classroom secrets: Work is automatically saved once work is completed.
  • Read Theory: Work is automatically saved once work is completed.
  • Purple Mash: After they have completed their task, they need to press ‘SAVE AND EXIT. Their work will then automatically be sent to myself.
  • Manual Books: Where possible, please take a photo of their work (so it can be read clearly) and either email it or dojo it to myself. (My email address is:
  • Microsoft Word: If you have Microsoft Word, your child can complete written work on there instead of in their books and the work can be emailed or dojoed to myself.
  • Photos/Videos: For the more practical assignments, it may be easier to photo or video your child doing this. Again, this can be either emailed or dojoed to myself.


Other information:

  • All school meetings with parents of any kind have been cancelled with immediate effect e.g. parents’ evenings etc. If you are unsure about a particular event, please contact myself for more information.
  • Your child’s interim report will still be sent to you a week on Friday via Dojo (27th March).
  • Children who have access to IDL can logon at home via the website use this daily also.


Finally, I will leave by saying that these are unprecedented times. We need to look out for one another. If you need any help with anything – please contact myself so that I can see what I can do for you. Your children all mean a great deal to me – I just want to do right by them.


Thank you all so much,


Kindest regards,


Mrs Collier