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Helen Wright

My name is Helen Wright and as headteacher of the school, I act as an “ex-officio” governor which means that I am not elected but am required to serve on the governing body. 

My interest in serving the governing body is clearly one of great importance. As headteacher, I advise governors and provide information so that the governing body as a whole can make important decisions on getting best value from the resources used to run the school in order to provide the best education for our pupils.

I have given 29 years service to education as a teacher and senior leader and in that time have seen may changes to school curriculum and assessment procedures. Whilst schools have been through considerable change, there has never been any alteration in my view that we should all do our best to give children the highest quality education we can provide, using the resources and skills we have within our community. My experience of working in 3 different Local Education Authorities and in 6 schools (in various settings) has given me the opportunity to work with a range of very skilled educationalists and school governors. It is a privilege for me to work with keen and hardworking individuals at St. Stephen’s and within the diverse but united school community here in Broadgate.