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Home learning/self isolation tasks

Welcome to the Summer term! Our last term in Year 2! 

Please help your child as best as you can, as and when needed and remember I am at the end of a dojo or email me at I will get back to you as soon as possible. All children work at their own rates and if something is too hard for your child then please don't worry about completing all the task. Remember, the children brought home an age appropriate paper home learning pack which can also be used. I have set work that matches our usual timetable as closely as possible but please do not feel like you have to complete everything. This is not a time for families or children to feel any more overwhelmed than they do already! 

Best wishes

Mrs Chappelow


NEW Tasks, websites and apps

*Purple Mash- 2 do activities- I will try and keep up to date with marking these. The Maths (our focus is measures, problem solving and investigations) and English games could be played daily. Please think carefully about any written work you complete on Purple Mash and ensure that it has all the features a Y2 writer should have (capital letters, question marks and full stops in the correct places, finger spaces and ascenders and descenders. Use wow vocabulary, conjunctions such as and, but, or, when, if, that, because to join sentences. More able children should use suffixes such as  ment, ness, ful, ly, less)


*History/Geography- Our topic is holidays in the past (seasides) and in Geography we are going to be learning about Southport. 


*RE- As Ramadan starts this week, we are going to be learning about Islam. Our unit is called 'why is it important to obey God?'


*Spelling- Practice the Y2 spelling list. The link is below. I will also add weekly spelling and phonic patterns to this page.


*If you have an IDL log in or 'Teach my monster to read' log in, use it each day and complete the lessons.


* Log on to Phonic bug daily and complete the tasks to earn coins and rewards!


*Art- We are going to be looking at Pop art and Op art and finding out more about the lives and works of Bridget Riley and Andy Warhol. Their work is vibrant, colourful and exciting!


*Read! Fiction, non fiction and poetry- write a book review, describe the characters and settings, write a new story inspired by your book, change the ending, create illustrations. We have nearly finished George's marvellous medicine and will be moving on to animal adventure stories, The classic text 'The wind in the willows' and reading and writing letters.


*PE-Use Joe Wicks, BBC Supermovers and Go Noodle to stay active and mindful every day.


*Computing- Our Purple mash units are 2.3 -spreadsheets and online safety.


*Science- We are learning about animals including invertebrates.


* Music- We are going to be learning all about music from the 1970s. Your parents may be too young to remember but we will be listening to some of my old favourites!


* PSHE- We are going to be learning about keeping safe.