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Understandably, sometimes children are too unwell to attend school, however, if you are in any doubt about whether to send your child to school please remember that we would always call you if we thought your child was too unwell to stay, and there are members of staff who can administer prescribed medicines such as antibiotics.


Please note - it is your duty as a parent/guardian to inform school before registers of a child's absence. Without this, we would be unable to unauthorise any absences, and in some cases where we are unable to make contact, we may need to make a referral to the Children Missing in Education team. You can inform us of an absence by either telephoning school on 01772 556306, and leaving a message on the school answerphone machine, by emailing the school office, or sending the class teacher a Dojo message.


Absence Notification

You can also use this webform to inform school of an absence, please fill out your name, email address and in the message box, tell us your child's name, class and the reason for their absence.