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Knitted Bible exhibition

Year 2 were so excited to see the Knitted Bible exhibition at All Angel's and St Michael's Church in Ashton on 24th April. 

We went on a double decker coach with Year 5. The Church was beautiful. It took our breath away! We loved looking at the amazing architecture.

We looked at lots of different stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament. The detail was impressive.


We had juice and biscuits in the Church hall. Yum!


Father Andrew showed us his family Bibles. It was wonderful to hear how they had helped his family through good times and bad. He then told us one of his favourite stories from the Bible. David and Goliath. We spoke about little people can become strong and mighty with God's help.


We did a quiz and answered lots of questions about the exhibition. We got a chocolate egg and a mini Bible to bring back to school. What a great day!


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