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Spring 2 - Water Haikus


This half term, we have started by exploring a range of vocabulary to describe water and it's movement. We have used the poem 'Water Dance' to support our learning. 

We are currently exploring the vocabulary and structure of Haikus to support us when it comes to writing our own Haikus on types of water eg, rain, rivers, waterfalls, streams etc. 


Explanation Texts

After our poetry, we will be moving on to explanation texts where we will work towards writing our own explanation text on the water cycle.



Autumn - The Iron Man


In English this term we have read and explored the Iron Man.  We have written our own fantastic versions of chapter 2 as well as discussing the events, characters and vocabulary as we read the Iron Man. We started to think about using dialogue punctuation correctly and complex sentences in our work.


We will now be continuing to focus on robots as we use 'Buttons the Robot' and the Iron Man to write poetry.


Using the poem 'Buttons' we explored the features of poetry. Using our knowledge of the vocabulary from the 'Iron man', we then wrote our own descriptive poetry. Our poems had noun phrases, four verses and rhyming couplets that flowed.


We will be learning different spelling rules each week which children will be expected to apply in their work. We will also cover the statutory words for Years 3 and 4. Please use the list below to help your child.