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Autumn Term.

We have begun the year looking at lots of different diaries. We have been studying their features and have been using drama to help us understand how the writers may have been feeling. The class have also been using the Talk For Write process to help them recite a fun diary entry about the best day EVER!!

We have started to study a new genre - Playscripts. We had lots of fun acting out a scene from Jack and Jill!!! We used a narrator and looked carefully at the stage directions to make sure we were acting it our correctly.
The last genre that we are focusing on this half term is persuasive letters. We have been looking at and identifying the features of them and have been using the Talk For Write process to help us learn how to write letters of our own.
Throughout the year, we have been using dictionaries to look up the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Spring Term

We began the Spring term reading Lob by Linda Newbery. Through our guided reading sessions and literacy lessons, we asked lots of questions and made predictions about what we thought may happen in book. We had lots of fun using the dictionaries to look up the meanings of new words like quiver, glimpse, yaffle and spruced...we then used them in our own writing to make it even better! We had a great time being word thieves and stealing powerful adjectives from the book and putting them on our working wall. We also 'magpied' these and used them in our descriptive writing based around ideas in Lob.  


Towards the end of the half term we looked at The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy. Mrs Collier showed us the front cover and we asked lots of different questions about the Tear Thief as we wanted to find out what was going to happen! We LOVED this book and made lots of comparisons between it and our class novel Lob...there were so many!! We also 'magpied' lots more high quality vocabulary from the book and used it to help us write our own stories about our own thieves.
On the last day before the Half Term break, the poet Paul Cookson came into school. He was really funny as well as being very inspiring! Together with Year 3/4, we began to write a funny poem based around our Science topic of magnets and forces....our half term homework task is to use these ideas to write our our funny magnetic poems. 

Following on from this, after the half term holidays we used The Sound Collector by Roger McGough as a focus to create our own sound poems based on a new location. We thought about what sounds we may be able to steal from the seaside and in town too! Below is a photo of our working wall where we "collected" all our ideas.


We also celebrated World Book Day!

To complete the Spring Term we read, analysed and wrote our own discussion texts. We had lots of fun debating!

Such as...When would we like to live: now or in Anglo-Saxon times? (a topic we studied in the Autumn Term.)

Where would we like to go on a day out: The Trafford Centre or the seaside?

And finally, we linked our writing to our Geography topic of our local area and a contrasting locality - Ribchester. After visiting both places, we wrote discussion texts to answer the question: Where is a better place to live: Preston or Ribchester? Look on our topic webpage for more of our Geography field work.

First Half of the  Summer Term

We began the term by studying biographies. We have loved reading about lots of different famous people - some of who were really brave like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King and other inspirational people like Mother Teresa. 

In order to write biographies of our own, we identified the features of them and looked at how they were structured.