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Scroll down to see what Year 6 have been getting up to as the year has gone on....

Autumn Term.

Our class novel for this term is Good Night Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. We are engrossed in reading it already! As we read each chapter we will:

Delve deeper into the vocabulary

Look for inferences within the text about the plot and characters discuss what Impact this has on the reader

Predict what we think will happen next

Explain what is happening

Retrieve information from text

Give a brief summary of what we have read so far.

Our class Librarian's Victoria and Angel have been really helping and encouraging everyone in class to read our new books in our reading corner. They have created competitions to get more of the class reading different genres of books! 

In our Literacy lessons, have begun the year looking at The Sea Poem by James Reeves. We have been analysing it’s features and have been using drama to help us to perform it. The class have also been using the Talk For Write process to help them learn and recite it. We have also had lots of fun creating our own similes, metaphors and personification about lots of different things including our environmental area. We added them to our working wall so that we can use them when begin to write our own poems.

Here are some photos of our text maps that we used to help us learn the poem off by heart. 

Click on this link to see a video of us reciting The Sea Poem using the actions and our text maps as prompts....a lot of us knew it so well that we didn't even need to use our text maps!

We then used the notebooks, the thesauri and some word mats to generate new vocabulary about a junkyard. We want to turn the junkyard into a person/animal just like James Reeves turned the sea in his poem into a dog!

We continued the Autumn Term by looking at narrative. We read the Tin Forest and used it as a stimulus to think about characters - description, language and emotions as well as the different settings in the story.

As there is no dialogue in the book, we had great fun giving the old man a voice - we role played and used colloquial language to express how we thought he may have felt about everyone dumping their rubbish by his home. 

Whilst we were still in role, we wrote diary entries pretending to be the old man. We made sure we included all the colloquial language that we had used in our drama!
The next genre we studied was biographies. We read and analysed their features before writing our own. We used our History topic of World War Two as a stimuli to write biographies about significant people from that period. We then interview members of our families and wrote a biography about them.

Spring Term

We began the term looking at narrative poem - specifically Albert and the Lion by Edgar Marriott. 

So far, we have acted out the story, text mapped the story to help us recite it. We have also compared various Edgar Marriott poems and also used our drama activities to help us write dialogue using action. We intend to use the events to write a newpaper article about it.

But first, we needed to practise and perfect our journalistic writing skills. Fortunately, 7 girls in our class were members of our girls football team who the same week won the Preston Schools Girl's Football Tournament and will now be representing Team Preston in the Lancashire Games. We took the opportunity to interview the girls and write a newspaper article about what happened. 
We finished the half term off with looking at persuasive writing. We magpied lots of vocabulary, phrases and ideas from lots of different articles that were trying to persuade us to visit there for a holiday. We took inspiration from this and have begun to write persuasive articles as to why people should visit St. Lucia which is the country that we are studying in our Topic work at the moment. 

We then moved on to persuasive writing and wrote articles about why tourists would want to visit out topic island of St Lucia. We then took advantage of the lovely sunny weather and went into the newly revamped environmental area to collect vocabulary and ideas to write articles to persuade the other classes to use it to enhance their learning. 


Summer Term

With the weather bring brighter and warmer, we have taken our learning outside and have been using the orienteering trails in our environmental area to help consolidate our Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. We all really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and learning whilst getting some exercise at the same time.

We have been busy honing our self and peer editing skills this term using the dictionaries and thesauri to help us....