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We have had such a busy week! We have had visitors from the Environment Agency and The River Ribble Trust who have done work with us about the dangers of plastic for our environment and how we need to reduce the amount of plastic we use or reuse and recycle what plastic do have. With The River Ribble Trust, we have helped to make a mural which will go on display in the Pavilion on Avenham Park. Please go an have a look at our work.

From this, we joined in with the rest of the school in designing and decorating reusable bags. We have taken then home so that we don't use as many plastic bags. We also looked at how much packaging in the supermarkets is plastic based, we decided to make our own soaps to help reduce the amount of plastic that we use. There are lots of other things we can make at home instead of buying packaged ones from the shop or supermarket. 
As a class, we have been using our Science, Design Technology, Maths and Engineering skills to make electric cars! It has been very hard work but LOTS AND LOTS of fun!! Look on our class webpage in the Art/DT and Science sections to find out what we got up to.