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Autumn Term.

We have begun the term exploring and investigating number and place value. We have been using dienes (base 10), counters and other practical equipment to help further deepen our understanding of number.


We moved onto addition and subtraction before finishing the term off with multiplication and division. We have been improving our fluency through games and developing our reasoning and problem solving to answer more complex problems. 


We love to use TT Rockstars and Hit The Button as a way of sharpening up our times tables knowledge.

Spring Term

This term we have moved onto Fractions: equivalent, the simplest form;  adding, subtraction, dividing and multiplying them.We have also been doing lots of investigative work and problem solving!

Mrs Collier set us a maths investigation! We used our environmental area and could choose any of the objects to generate our own questions/problems to solve (such as:  two-thirds of the length of 5 leaves, seven-ninths of the circumference of a tree or three-fifths of the length of the willow tunnel). We then went into the environmental area, used the equipment to measure them before calculating the fractional parts. We also had to represent our answers in  m, cm and mm. 

Summer Term

In Maths this term, we have taken advantage of the good weather, our newly revamped environmental area and the newly installed orienteering trails to help consolidate our mathematical skills as well as helping us to learn new ones.

We have covered all our Number, Measurement and Geometry skills and exercising our bodies as well as our brains!