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Place Value

We are starting the year with place value, this is all about the value of each digit in a number. 

Here are some games children can play at home to support their learning. 

We made 2D shapes with geo boards and lolly sticks

Addition and subtraction (including money)

We looked at different ways to add and subtract. We used practical equipment such as counters, tens and ones, coins, 100 squares and number lines.


In the second half term we moved on to multiplication. We have been making equal groups of numbers using different practical objects, we have made arrays and then moved on to solving problems involving the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have really enjoyed singing the Supermovers songs to remind us of the multiplication facts!

Math Packs

Math packs have gone home this week, please look after them. You will need to return the purple book only each week to show the work children have been doing. We will often use the resources within the math packs so it is really important they are looked after. Many thanks.