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Monday 11th May 2020

Monday  11th May 2020.


Activities to complete today (if you can): 


Click on Week 4, Lesson 1 – Area of Rectangles. We did some of this last week – so this should be fresh in your minds. Watch the video, do the activity, mark your answers. If you have any questions, or are struggling in some way – please get in contact with myself on Dojo and I will try your best to help you!


(Remember – if this material to too hard for your child at this stage in their development or without the resources they would have access to in school – please do not worry about doing this. You are also welcome to try lower year group work if you feel this would be beneficial. Please contact me if you think this applies to yourself.)


p.s. Please message me to let me know when you have done your maths work – it is nice to see it, as I cannot see it like I could on Purple Mash. Thanks!



  • Writing: Our focus this week is going to be on History and Writing – and will revolve around inventions that have changed the world.


Your first task is to watch the following clip: uk/teach/class-clipsvideo/design-andtechnology-ks2- what-is-aninvention/zrf92sg


After watching the above, I want you to research an invention that you think has changed your life the most. It could be the first car, first aeroplane, first computer, wifi. You name it. I then want you to present what you have found in some way. It could be an informative poster, it would be a non-chronological report -  it could even be a poem.


I do not mind, just whichever one you get the most enjoyment out of!


Remember, if you are not sure or need any help – just contact myself on Dojo.




Mr Scott