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Monday 11th May

Hello Year 3/4 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend celebrating VE day....I would love to see any pictures that you have so we can share them on class story. 


Keep doing what you are doing... I know that everyone is doing different things and that is okay... you do what is right for you and your family. Make sure you share screens with others and allow  parents to work if needed. 


I have set some to dos on Purple Mash... try to complete these.  Remember, if it doesn't turn green you can do it as much as you want... this is a great idea, especially if it's times tables or typing practice!  Keep reading your own books too....let me know what you are reading! If you have run out of books at home, log onto the app EPIC where there are lots of books for you to read or you can "borrow" e books from Lancashire library service by logging onto their website. 




Spelling - Choose another 10 words from the spelling list and write them 3 times each in your work book. 


English - Focus theme: Never Smile at a Crocodile! This week will begin with a look at crocodile facts and films, followed by stories and poems to enjoy together. 

  • Watch the film clips about crocodiles and enjoy finding out about them. 
  • Watch the film clips again. View a small section of each film at a time, pause the film, discuss key facts and write them down. Also write down any new vocabulary you have encountered. Repeat until the film is ended.
  • Discuss and review all the information you have found out about crocodiles. Look up some of the new words you have heard in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo
  • Create a fact file/ poster about crocodiles. Challenge – to include ten sentences about crocodiles in the fact file/poster. Consider writing as if you were a crocodile using the information, e.g. I am… I eat… I only… I like… If I am angry, I … etc.


Send me your factfiles ( if you do them on the computer, you can email them or attach them via dojo)



White Rose Hub

Year 3 - Adding Fractions

Year 4 Rounding Decimals ( you may also like to look at the Year4 work as we missed doing this in class)



We are going to carry on thinking about the Lake District.  We are going on a trip To Bowness on Windermere....use street view on google maps to have a look round the area.  What kind of tourist activities are there in the town ( boats, museums, watersports) Design a poster advertising Windermere as a tourist destination.



Follow this week's timetable for the Lancashire youth Games. Send me some pictures and videos of what you get up to.